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(& LIFE) better!

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Welcome to my humble corner of the internet. If this is our first time meeting, you will find out I am a bit OCD, people say I talk too fast, and many times I trip over my own shadow.

For almost a decade, I was a professional photographer dying on the inside because I was spending hours and hours on mundane client tasks, finding lost paperwork, and making sure everything was in place.

Not knowing my options and being too stubborn to say I couldn’t do it all, I threw in the towel and walked away from a business I LOVED! Later down the road, I realized I was not the only one that struggled to do it all and found my passion in systemizing and strategizing for small female-owned businesses.

I'm Caitlyn Gray

And this is my story...

Get you out from behind your desk and back to the creative things that make your heart sing. You didn't start your business to constantly be stuck in the mundane!

my mission

i'm convinced! Let's do this.

...a world traveler

As a photographer, I was able to travel around the world several times, photographing for nonprofits. My work has also been published both locally and internationally.

If you haven’t tried it, stop what you are doing and go grab a bottle.

My fav flavors:
Mango Lime (Kevita)
Lemon Berry (GT's)

Getting my teeth knocked out or losing my right arm. I don’t know which one is worse!

Currently, I am an Iowa captive. It’s a sensitive subject because my love language is lying on the beach, drenched in sun.

did you know that i am

...a kombucha addict

...afraid of

...a beach bum