How to personalize Dubsado workflows

Dubsado workflows save you time, elevate your customer experience and prevent missteps in your customer journey.

The question is — how do you automate processes without it feeling cold or robotic? Use the following tips to personalize your Dubsado workflows! Combine automation with personalization.

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Focus on the copy

My number one tip when it comes to personalizing automation is to focus on the copy! What do your emails say? How do they come across?

If you’re going to send the same email to multiple clients, you’ll want to make sure that it still feels personal and helpful. Write out your automatic emails as if you’re writing them to one client. What would you say or mention? What upcoming steps would you describe? Be as hands on as possible, but also be sure to leave out comments that wouldn’t apply to all customers within the specific automation process.

For example, you might have a Dubsado workflow for new inquiries. You’ll likely have a canned response that includes:

  • A thank you
  • Next steps (link to book an appointment)
  • Details on how the project works
  • Your excitement about working together

You’ll probably send just about the same email to everyone, so come up with what that email looks like! If you want to tailor the emails per person, the next step is for you!

Use the ‘approval’ function in Dubsado workflows to customize messages

It’s best to start with a workflow and pre-written emails. This saves you time with every project. However, if you’d rather customize emails for every client, you can use the approval function to help.

  1. Add a general canned email to the workflow with a required approval.
  2. You’ll be notified within Dubsado when this step needs to be approved.
  3. Before approving the email, customize the content further within that client’s workflow. You can tailor this as much as you want because only this client will receive it.
  4. Approve the workflow.
  5. Your client will receive the tailored version of your canned email.

This can slow down the automation, but it’s a mix of being prepared and taking a few minutes to add extra, custom content to an email.

I recommend only using this function for a few emails within the workflow. For example, I have a client who likes to customize her emails to new leads. She’ll look through their website and add notes in her reply. For example, she’ll say, “I took a look through your website and love how you ____. I am passionate about ____ too. I’d love to work with you on _____. Let’s schedule a time to chat. Here’s a link to do so!”

Think about which emails need that personal touch and which ones don’t. Use this approval function accordingly.

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Use Dubsado’s smart fields to customize canned emails

Dubsado has an amazing smart field feature, which allows you to personalize emails with everything from your client’s first name to their business name and even the project start date. Yes, you’ll send the same email to most of your clients, but you can still have a personal touch by using this smart field feature.

Add buffer time between Dubsado workflow emails

One of the most obvious ways to tell your clients, “this email was sent automatically” is to plan your workflow without buffer time. This can make your process seem robotic. An easy fix is to add some space so emails don’t look automatic!

For example, if you create a workflow step to send an email immediately after the client completes a form, that means your client will get this email almost immediately after completing the form. That seems automatic, right?

To fix this, schedule the email to send 1 hour after completing the form. This feels less automatic, but still sends the email in a timely manner.

Build in GIFs

Want your emails to feel super fun? Add in GIFs! This makes them more lively and engaging. You can add emojis in email subject lines too!

Be ready to answer questions

Even if you do automate everything, you’ll still need to answer questions! If you get asked the same question a lot, consider adding that information into the workflow.

Your goal is to be as helpful as possible. Dubsado workflows help you do that! And your customers will appreciate the fact that your process isn’t missing any steps.

Have questions about personalizing your Dubsado workflows? Comment below!

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