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Need a simple tool to get your business organized?

Insert ‘Honeybook,’ the worlds simplest yet very effective CRM. I love testing CRM tools in my business and I have to say, Honeybook makes things too easy. They even offer form migration and simple setup if you want to try it on your own.

Who is Honeybook for?

If you are a creative or in an industry where your process changes per client, Honeybook is probably the best fit. You can house all of your client forms and business templates within the program. It makes sending them a breeze with a quick click of a button.

What about automation?

While there are some things you can automate in your client process such as forms, emails, and reminders…your options are limited.

BUT don’t worry, the way the software is setup, makes things fast and saves you time and brain power.

Where Honeybook kills it…

If you asked me my favorite Honeybook features, I have too many to count BUT let me share a few with you below.

1. Their client portal feature is phenomenal and makes communicating and sharing files with clients a breeze.

2. The invoicing system is the best I have seen in a good while. They make payment plans, due dates, and tricky client money things easy for all involved.

3. Customer service is going to blow you away. From their fast response, software updates, and referral program there is nothing left lacking.

Honeybook Discount Code.

If you are ready to get started and running your business like a pro, get Honeybook today.

Feel free to use my code “myhoneybook” for a whopping 50% off discount!

Caitlyn Gray

Dubsado + Honeybook Pro & Business Strategist. Dropping the ball on your clients? Elevate their experience with back end business automation that will impress and create endless referrals.

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